A JSL – Material Eléctrico, SA , is a medium-sized company whose core business is the development, manufacture and sale of low voltage electrical equipment and telecommunications for installation in buildings.

It is a national producer and market leader, with full vertical integration, which designs, manufactures and exports its products, being certified under the Quality Management System since 1993.

The development and growth of new products by JSL is based on the principle that Quality is defined by the customer, which means that the company must be extremely receptive to the needs of its customers, a survey that results from inputs from the commercial and marketing, and also through the legislation that is being published, arising either from changes in Community and International standardization (through the CEI – International Electronic Commission), or from new technical regulations specific to each country, as well as prototyping and benchmarking of solutions from external competition and targeting specific uses.

JSL , through its Research and Development and Product Design Department, has been able to present new products and solutions, resulting from the bet on new building methods in the construction industry, the meteoric expansion of the computer market and domestic telecommunications networks , as well as the growth of the air conditioning market, and more recently also in the urban rehabilitation segment.

Due to the great variety of products that JSL manufactures, its commercialization is made through Distributors (Wholesalers, Resellers, Large Distribution and Representatives), the final customers being the professionals of the electrical and telecommunications installation.


JSL has emerged from an activity created in 1959 by the Thorbjörnsen family, founder of the company, it went through a restructuring in 2000 that aimed to create an economic group composed of companies specialized in their different areas of activity.

In 2001, the company JSL – Material Eléctrico, Lda. was created, aimed at the industrial activity of manufacturing and marketing electrical material. In 2008 the company was transformed into a Limited Company with the new corporate name, incorporating JSML – MOLDES, Lda. In 2009, a mold manufacturing and maintenance company, an activity that has not yet been taken on internally (currently the production of molds is subcontracted).

The policy of having at least one distributor in each country has driven JSL’s exports, which in 2018 were 54.7% of its turnover, to 33 different foreign countries.

In the last two years, JSL  has focused on the development of several new products such as the Power Tower, the halogen-free and self-extinguishing corrugated pipe, the Modular Workstations, the Halogen-free Technical Trunking Systems, and more recently, the outlets without screw and the T-series saddles.


JSL’s current product portfolio can be divided into 13 main product ranges, as listed below:

  • Switches and Sockets for domestic use;
  • ATI’s telecommunications cabinets;
  • Electrical upstream speaker boxes and speaker terminals;
  • Watertight boxes, cable glands and threaded grommets;
  • Push Wireconnectors for rigid and flexible cables;
  • Junction boxes for indoor installation (Flush Mounting);
  • Trunking systems, Mini-Trunking and accessories;
  • Trunking for tubes and air conditioning;
  • IP44 and IP67 industrial plugs and sockets;
  • Saddles and fixing materials;
  • Switchboards and power distribution boards;
  • ICT boxes and accessories;
  • Rigid, flexible tubes and halogen-free fittings.

JSL considers that its products are well positioned in the professional and domestic market for electrical and telecommunications installations.

In addition to the ISO 9001:2015 standard certification of its Quality Management System (since 1993, having been one of the first companies in Portugal to achieve this) and the CE marking (mandatory for the products covered by the Directives according to which it is applicable), JSL goes further in its quality process, since it has most of its product ranges certified through national and international bodies, namely:

  • CERTIF – Associação para a Certificação de Produtos (Nacional) – Marca CERTIF;
  • LCIE – Laboratório Central das Indústrias Eléctricas (França) – Marca NF;
  • VDE – Instituto de Certificação Alemão de produtos eléctricos – Marca VDE;
  • DEKRA – Instituto de Certificação Holandês – Marca KEMA-KEUR;

Intertek-SEMKO – Organismo internacional para concessão da Marca de Qualidade sueca SEMKO


JSL has a special concern with the aspects that refer to the Environment, but also to Safety, both for the Client and our employees, as well as their Health. Since the product design, thinking about its entire life cycle and also a posteriori, as well as the manufacturing processes and the best environmental management according to the precepts of the standard NP EN ISO 14001:2004, are aspects constantly focused, discussed, valued, taken into consideration and put into practice, as we are deeply committed to the welfare of the planet. We always try to reuse, recycle, rationalize and reduce all consumption in all aspects of environmental impact. Nature inspires us with its beauty and magnificence.

We want to preserve it for the future, as we are aware that it is a “loan temporarily granted and that we will bequeath to our children”.