Our mission is to achieve excellence in our products, so our philosophy is to listen to our customers and consequently offer more and better quality. 

We are a competitive company and as such we anticipate the needs and inspire those who choose our products. 

We perform continuous analysis, which allows us to have a continuous monitoring and improvement of the quality, safety and durability of our products and in this context we rely on the technical collaboration of our team which consists of: Designers, architects, builders, installers and other industry professionals.

The result of this mission can be seen in our products presented in this catalog. All products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are designed for ease of installation, use, and maintenance. These factors have contributed decisively to the long-standing reputation that the JSL brand holds to this day on the market. Using the latest information technology, today we process our customers’ orders completely efficiently and quickly.

JSL has followed and developed an effective technological evolution, which allows us to respond in a timely manner to various requirements, such as delivery times, stock availability information or even internal planning. 

Technological evolution is part of the essence of our philosophy and is integrated into one of the pillars of development, as well as the commitment and constant investment in our employees.



More than half a century ago, the Thorbjörnsen family, founders of the company, predicted that there would be a great demand in the national market for electrical material . 

In the 1960s JSL began producing electrical material on a small scale, especially plugs and sockets for household use and lighting equipment. 

At the end of the decade the first factory was built, and in the following decade new product ranges were created especially for low voltage electrical installation. 

Initially JSL’s market was the National market and the ex-colonies, but in the 80’s it became evident with the entrance of Portugal in the European Union, that there would be a new market to conquer. In a period marked by great difficulties for those who exported, with imports rising, foreign debt increasing and Portugal resorting to the IMF to get out of an economic recession, it was in this financially troubled decade that JSL invested in a new factory, new product lines, and a new strategy, all to reach foreign markets.


As we enter the 21st century JSL is already present in over 50 countries and its main ranges are:

  • CabazProdutosInstitucional Long 400x400Photovoltaic shields
  • Switchgear; 
  • Cabinets for telecommunications; 
  • Column enclosures; 
  • Watertight enclosures, cable glands and connectors; 
  • Boxes for indoor installation; 
  • Gutters and accessories; 
  • Rails for pipes; 
  • Plugs and industrial sockets; 
  • Fixing material; 
  • Energy distribution boards and ICT boxes; 
  • Pipes and accessories.

JSL considers that its products are well positioned in the professional and domestic market for electrical and telecommunications installations.

In addition to the ISO 9001:2015 standard certification of its Quality Management System (since 1993, having been one of the first companies in Portugal to achieve this) and the CE marking (mandatory for the products covered by the Directives according to which it is applicable), JSL goes further in its quality process, since it has most of its product ranges certified through national and international bodies, namely:

  • CERTIF – Associação para a Certificação de Produtos (Nacional) – Marca CERTIF;
  • LCIE – Laboratório Central das Indústrias Eléctricas (França) – Marca NF;
  • VDE – Instituto de Certificação Alemão de produtos eléctricos – Marca VDE;
  • DEKRA – Instituto de Certificação Holandês – Marca KEMA-KEUR;

Intertek-SEMKO – International organization for granting the Swedish Quality Mark SEMKO



JSL understands that environmental responsibility is a set of activities aimed at a more sustainable development of the planet and the preservation of its environment. Therefore we assume environmental responsibility and as such special measures are adopted. Reuse, recycle, rationalize and reduce all consumption in all aspects of environmental impact.

JSL is concerned with the manufacturing processes and the best environmental management according to the requirements of the environmental standards in force, these aspects are constantly focused on, discussed, valued, taken into the highest consideration and put into practice.

Nature inspires us with its beauty and magnificence. We want to preserve it for the future, because we are aware that it is a “loan temporarily granted and that we will bequeath to our children”.

Quality and Environmental Policy of JSL Material Eléctrico


JSL’s vision is based on a global and integrated business view of the needs of its market, which will guarantee more effective penetration in national and international terms and greater stability of its positions.

JSL also believes that its accumulated experience and its ability to master the technologies of diversified products will guarantee a higher level of client satisfaction, both through the wide range of solutions it offers and through its ability to provide specific solutions tailored to its clients’ business.


  • To provide its customers with innovative products that meet their specific needs, with the quality and guarantee of certified products;
  • To provide an after-sales service that aims to satisfy the assistance needs of its customers;
  • To invest in the diversification of markets and products, increasingly emphasizing the internationalization of JSL.


  • Respect for agreed-upon deadlines and values;
  • Quality, understood as scrupulous respect for the specifications sent by clients and the guarantee of offering certified products;
  • Guarantee stable employment for its workers;
  • Establishing close relationships with customers based on Trust, Competence and Partnership.
  • Respect for the environment and make a commitment to promote sustainability.