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You can obtain all certifications and declarations of conformity in our Digital Library

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Portugal – Region Cellphone Email Promoters
Central e Southern (+351) 934 901 138 cnogueira@jsl-online.net Carlos Nogueira
Northern e Central (+351) 934 900 753 rvinagreiro@jsl-online.net Eng. Ricardo Vinagreiro

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    What are the sales conditions for 2021-2022? (Domestic Market)

    As of March 24, 2022, all products manufactured by JSL have the following sales conditions in Portugal:

    1. PRICES

    All prices in this table are per unit and in quantities per package, according to the 2021/2022 catalog. VAT at the legal rate is added to the values presented. For orders with other quantities per package, please consult JSL.


    The minimum order value for carriage paid: 300€ + VAT


    JSL guarantees the following warranty periods for its products:

    a) For ATI’s and Power Distribution Boards: 10 Years
    b) For all Certified Products: 5 Years
    c) For the intensity regulator: 2 Years
    d) For all other products: 3 Years

    JSL reserves the right to change any characteristics, packaging, and prices without prior notice.