Plug & Play with MC-4 connectors


Thermoplastic IK08 (with transparent cover)




Isolation class 2



Protection for DC Solar Photovoltaic Installations
(Compatible with 1 or 2 strings)




Anti-UV Protection


Temperature of use: -5ºc +60ºc


Grey RAL 7035


DIN rail included


Can be sealed

Capacity:1000V DC – 25A
Nominal discharge current: 20 kA
Maximum discharge current:40 kA

Componentes TUV


We know that solar users are much more cost and efficiency conscious of their systems and want to recoup their initial investment as quickly as possible. But without proper protection of their systems they may just be shifting the value of the initial investment to maintenance or repair budgets.

SolarSafe packImg2

The solar installations are based on photovoltaic (PV) cell panels. The cells use solar energy to convert light photons into Direct Current (DC). The electricity generated by the solar cells in this way feeds an inverter that regulates and converts Direct Current into Alternating Current (AC).

The electric energy in Alternating Current can be used locally by specific equipment, homes, or be directly connected to the grid and thus be used as clean energy, protecting the environment.

SolarSafe TUV2

Reliable and cost-effective solar technology with photovoltaic components certified by a leading expert body, TÜV

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Class II Insulation

With Type 2 protection for overvoltage currents originated by atmospheric phenomena in photovoltaic installations (and others). Protect investments and minimize equipment and system failures.

In order to guarantee high levels of availability of the inverters and electrical components used in photovoltaic installations, it is necessary to protect them against destruction by overvoltage surges.

JSL offers a combiner box containing the lightning protection devices, connection of the solar panel strings, and ultra fast disconnection of the DC coming from the solar panels.

The board is ready to use, being supplied pre-wired and ready to use, just by connecting the cables from the solar panels with MC-4 connectors to the connectors that the board already has. The connection of the board to the inverter is also done through the wiring provided with MC-4 connectors that will be connected to the MC-4 connectors that the board already has assembled. To complete the implementation of the “combiner box”, simply connect the ground terminal of the overcurrent protection device (DSP) to the “Ground” circuit.

Nominal Figures

The SolarSafe combiner box can be used for 1 or 2 strings of solar panels and for currents up to 25A IMAX and 1000 V DC covering more than 95% of the self-consumption needs with or without injection of power into the grid. The Quadro is suitable for “Inverters” of 550V DC / 100V DC per Input (per String).

Technical Information

• Capacity: 1000V DC – 25A
• Lightning protection: Type 2 with visual indication and remote signaling possibility
• Nominal discharge current: 20 kA
• Maximum discharge current: 40 kA
• No. of DC inputs (combiner strings): 1 (2 optional)
• No. of MPPT for Inverter: 1
• Supplied with PV fuse holder for each of the DC phases with 33kA breaking capacity (10×38 gPV fuses not supplied)
• Completely assembled, wired and tested, ready to install
• Supplied with MC-4 connectors (ready to connect)
• IP55 tightness degree

Equipment used in the SolarSafe - Plug&Play Combiner Box

The Combiner Protection Box is ready to be installed as it is supplied already pre-assembled and pre-wired. Truly plug&play! Just connect the MC4 cables connectors coming from the solar panels to the MC-4 Combiner Box connectors.

DC Main Switch

25A switch for 1000V DC. DC switch with opening speed independent of the force applied by the user: 4 poles (2 Switches in series for each Phase) recommended for connecting and disconnecting instantaneous DC loads. The size of the unit depends on the type of installation, the connection scheme, and the DC voltage applied to its terminals, and ensures perfect isolation between the inverter and the panels. It has a compact shape and is supplied already assembled on a DIN 35 rail inside the Combiner box. The DC switch can be supplied in the rotary handle version or in the MCB version with lever, with the internal switches acting perfectly simultaneously.

siso 40 300H3


sl7 63c25 300H3


Surge Protection Device Type 2 DC

Específico para a proteção contra descargas atmosféricas indiretas do lado DC da instalação fotovoltaica. Sistema com proteção interna que evita incêndios e danos na instalação devido a queda de raios e trovoadas. Versão com cartuchos amovíveis. Corrente de descarga Nominal 20kA. Corrente máxima de descarga 40 kA. Valor de nível de Tensão protegida: 3.8kV. Voltagem máxima de operação em continuo: 1050 V.

Módulo de monitorização remota opcional.

SUP2H1 PV 300H2

10x38 DC Fuse Holder (For PV Type Fuses)

Specific for protection against indirect lightning strikes on the DC side of the photovoltaic installation. System with internal protection that prevents fires and damage to the installation due to lightning and storms. Version with removable cartridges. Nominal discharge current 20kA. Maximum discharge current 40 kA. Protected Voltage level value: 3.8kV. Maximum continuous operation voltage: 1050V.

Includes remote monitoring module.

SRD 30 300H2
SRD 30 fuse 230h

(supplied without fuses)

MC-4 Connectors and wiring used

The cables used in the JSL “Combiner box” wiring are 6mm2 , stranded type, special for DC solar installations. The JSL “Combiner box” is equipped with one or two sets of MC-4 connectors for the DC INPUT side and one set of MC-4 connectors on the DC OUTPUT side destined for the Inverter. These MC-4 connectors have Uoc: < 1000V.

mc4 400h


SolarSafe Plug&Play Combiner Box Installation

JSL’s range of boards for PV systems includes 2 versions with DC protection

1 String

Model for 1 Solar Panel Set
(up to 20A (25A max))

SolarSafeInst 1

 2 Strings

Model to receive 2 independent sets of solar panels
(up to 20A (25A max) per combiner box)

SolarSafeInst 2

In case of more than 2 sets of solar panels on the production unit (> 2 Strings), a combination of 3 or 4 “Combiner boxes” (of 1 or 2 Inputs) can be used to meet the needs of the installation and the electrical capacities of the unit. They will function as partial protection units that can continue to function even in the case of a lightning strike in a part of the installation.

SolarSafe Brochuras Mockup 750 clean

Download the SolarSafe digital brochure



1 String

(Includes DC SL7-PV Switch)



1 String

(Includes SISO-Z DC Switch)



2 Strings

(Includes DC SL7-PV Switch)



2 Strings

(Includes SISO-Z DC Switch)


Diagram for JSL SolarSafe Combiner Box with SL7-PV DC Switch (1 String)

diagramas frontais 1stringMCB 2

Diagram for JSL SolarSafe Combiner Box with SL7-PV DC Switch (2 Strings)

diagramas frontais 2stringsMCB 2

Diagram for JSL SolarSafe Combiner Box with DC SISO-Z Switch (1 Strings)

diagramas frontais 1stringROT 2

Diagram for JSL SolarSafe Combiner Box with DC SISO-Z Switch (2 Strings)

diagramas frontais 2stringsROT 2